The 2017 general elections are upcoming and many things are being discussed concerning who will take what leadership positions. A point to note is that many women have come up to vie for political seats. In the past this was not such a common happening because women were viewed as inferior and powerless. The fight for political seats and positions has been a battle that even women today have fought tooth and nail to win.


Women have stood up for themselves and presented themselves as able to lead Kenyans. In this coming general elections women have been seen to be playing major roles. They have competed  equally with their male counterparts. They have done everything necessary to secure their slots in the incoming government. Some have been perceived as vocal and are able to confidently stand up for what they say in public meetings.

Despite the many challenges women face in the political arena, they have not given up. They are talking the talk and walking the walk. They have held their chin high and kept moving on to show their male counterparts and fellow women that being a leader with a voice is not only a mens’ affair but that even women can do that and even greater.




we have all heard of the single independent women who do not want men in their lives but rather they want to be career women. This is a mentality that mostly is found among women who did not have a father figure in their lives when they were growing up and so they did not get much to go by as far as getting direction is concerned. Such ladies grow up thinking that men are a liability and they have nothing much to offer. They block any form of emotional commitment to a man and refuse to be involved in any relationships. Mostly such people wallow in self pity and put all their energy to work and become materially successful.

It is not wrong for a woman to want success materially but it does not mean that a woman cannot have it all. It is possible for a woman to have very successful career and relationship at the same time. It is just a stereotype that women who have great careers cannot have good relationships.

The first step for women to be able to embrace both sides of the coin is to let go of previous hurts and learn to trust and love people around them without attaching conditions. Also they should define what they want in every relationship they form so as to avoid beong misinterpreted and misjudged. They can form business relationships without making men around them feel inferior and unable. They must also srive to be submissive partners to their spouses and not act as if they own the world even when they earn much more than their husbands do.

It is all a learning process and once you deliberately choose to be a good student, you are able to learn quite a lot and become a wonderful woman in all spheres and walks of life.




When women get pregnant and go to deliver their children, they face some kind of discrimination at their places of work. Some lose their jobs or get demoted from their previous work positions. Many times even the women themselves quite their jobs so that they can raise up their children. There is a thin line between career and motherhood and many times people have failed to balance the two. Many people wonder how they can be able to maintain their careers and at the same time have a good family that does not miss out on the things offered by mothers.

Women are advised to not rely on another woman’s experience because every experience is different in different people. It is important for women to know what works for them and work hard to maintain a steady and manageable pattern for their lifestyles. You don’t have to work as hard as you used to. For the sake of your children, one can tone down a bit so that they are not straining too much. Healthy careers are not measured by how much one makes but rather by how much one achieves. Motherhood is a difficult task and when one is able to pull through this task they are well successful even if they do not thrive too much in their career world.



Female genital mutilation is a practice that had dominated most African communities from time in memorial including the Maasai Samburu and Kisii communities in Kenya.



For these communities, the practice has been seen as a transit window from childhood to womanhood. Most girls between the age of 12-14 years would be set aside from other girls in the community and undergo a series of teaching about their culture, womanhood and the importance of undergoing the cut. After the said training was complete the prize is to undergo the coveted cut.

The intuition was not done by any ordinary woman in the society, rather it was a function of the elderly respected women who had a status in their communities, who were knowledgeable about their culture and with time had gained experience from the practice.

In as much as F.G.M was viewed as a social event that enhanced social integration among members of the community it had dire consequences to these girls.

Early marriages were inevitable for the girls after they had gone through this process. Being a wife and mother at a young age of 14 years was one of the things they had to live with.

Due to excessive loss of blood, some girls lost their lives and if they were lucky enough to survive, they were at a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases because of using the same tool to perform the cut on all the girls or have serious complications during child birth.

Due to the grevious consequences that were now becoming a danger to the girl child in these communities, organizations were put in place to educate masses about the dangers of this practice and try to put an end to this practice.

F.G.M is now an illegal practice in Kenya and serious penalties are applicable to communities and individuals found to be exercising this forsaken culture.

Many communities in the interior parts of Kenya have embraced this change and are now pushing for the girl child to obtain quality education and subsequently secure themselves a brighter future.